Monday, October 16, 2017

Week of 10/16

It's conference week! Students will be released 2 hours early each day this week! We are excited about meeting with each of you and discussing your child's progress!

Since it is conference week, we will not be having our weekly spelling words!

Here's what we're learning this week!
Math-Multiplying and dividing decimals
Reading- StoryWorks article, "The Evil Swirling Darkness". We are learning more about text evidence and how to answer questions that show text evidence.
Writing- Mentor sentences from the book "Do Unto Otters". Mentor sentences are sentences that we introduce daily to the students. The sentences are written correctly and we discuss why they are written the way they are. At the end of the week, we quiz the students on those same sentences to see that they learned  the material we covered.
Social Studies- Civil War people and the major events that took place during the war.

Upcoming Events:
Chick-fil-A night (Cow-a-ween) Tuesday, October 5:00-8:00
4H Friday, October 27th during school~ James and Alejandra will be presenting
Coin Wars- ends this Friday, October 20th
Red Ribbon Week October 23rd-27th

Our secret word this week is Otters!

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